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Even If You Don’t Do Yoga, You Should Do These 4 Simple Poses For Powerful Next Days – Exploring Health


Most people can’t recognize the power of yoga.

So we made one discovery, and many people said that they are not interested in doing yoga, or that they don’t have time.

The people are not aware of the benefits from yoga. You need to try to see the results, so you will be aware, and do the yoga every day.
In addition to this article we are going to present you 4 yoga exercises, which will contribute to your better and more powerful day.

1. Legs up the wall
You need to position yourself in a lying position and put your legs on the wall, just like it is shown on the picture.
You need to relax. Second thing which you will notice, is that something from your ankles is coming to your upper body. That is the swelling.
You can stay in this pose as much as you want, it will not do you harm.
It will improve the circulation of the upper part of the legs, and will improve the digestive system, the work of the lungs, brain etc.


2. Forward fold
This is something similar like the previous exercise. It will eliminate the stress, improve the blood flow, and relax the muscles.
The joints need to work, so that is why they are activated.
They are rejuvenating on 30 years, and they need the support that they are not alone, and they are needed.



Standing: When you need to stand and do the fold, spread the legs. You shouldn’t change the position of your back, in needs to stay straight.
– Seated: You can sit on the floor, make your back straight. You need to fold yourself to front. You will make a bed in the knee and with your hands catch your feet.
– On your back: You need to fold yourself when you are in a position lying on your stomach. With your hand full the feet and touch them with your head, if you can.

3. Balancing
We all can stand on one leg. You need to do this exercise.
It is quite fun, and you will improve the balance you have.
This exercise will help you to have balance, and not to fall.
Falling can make a lot of injuries. So you need to stay safe and do this exercise.
For this exercise you need to raise one leg, don’t put it on your knee, hold it with your hand.
In case you can’t stand on your own take one char and hold it while you are making this exercise


4. Twisting
No matter if you are standing, sitting and lying down. You can twist.
You need to make a twist easy, not fast, slowly with your waist, and have a good pressure whether you are sitting or standing.
In case you want to lay down, you need to fix your shoulders on the floor, and don’t move them. Bend your one knee, over the other, and we place ourselves only on one side.
Don’t move the shoulders. Repeat the same with the other knee.

You will have the power to function during the day.
Yoga as we already said, is highly beneficial for people who are tired, and they will be able to continue with their daily responsibilities.




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