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Banana contains 100 calories in it, and it is a breakfast which can hold you without getting hungry longer time than the other fruits.

When we are mentioning banana, you are making an image if perfect banana in your head.
Now, we are interested of your image for perfect banana.

Do you imagine it clear yellow, or with dots, or more green than yellow?
Green, Yellow or Brown?

The banana color can be changed when you will ripe it. But, this fruit has different health benefits when it is in different maturity stage.

In addition to this article, we are going to present you the benefits of eating green banana, yellow banana and brown banana.

Green Banana
Resistant starch is the ingredients which fills the green bananas
In case you want to eliminate ingredients which are sugar filled, the green bananas are the best option for you.
If the bananas, unripe, have good bacteria which will improve your digestion process, and you can cook them.

Just, be careful because the side effects of consuming this ingredient in larger amounts may cause you bloating and gasses.

Yellow banana
The yellow banana for the digestive system is better, because they are softer and can process them easier.
They are rich in antioxidants and they are richer when you will take the skin of the banana out.

But, as more yellow the banana is, the people who struggle with type 2 diabetes is more dangerous to eat.


The spots are the marker for the quantity of starch which is converted in sugar.
So, the more spots the banana has, the sweeter will it be.

Furthermore, these bananas are very useful, because they are preventing from cancer. Bananas contain TNF and it is a destroyer of tumor cells.

Most of the people when see brown bananas are avoiding them. But we should think about that.
They are full of antioxidants.

According many surveys, it has been proven that many people though that the spotted bananas were the healthiest, but in fact the brown bananas are the ones which contain the most antioxidants.

So next time when you will be buying bananas, try the brown ones.

NOTE: the ones who struggle with any kind of Diabetes, need to avoid completely the brown bananas, because they are full of sugar.

The bottom line
But, maybe the brown banana is full with antioxidants, but the best banana and the healthiest bananas are the ones which are containing the most of the nutrients.

You need to follow this.

Green bananas are for he diabetes fighters, because they are limited with sugar.

Yellow spotted bananas are digested easily and fast, and also they are loaded with antioxidants.

And the brown bananas are good for pancakes.




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